Trumpf is one of the largest suppliers of machine tools, with more than 70 subsidiaries and more than 14,000 employees worldwide. The Trumpf group is divided into two business divisions, machine tools, and laser technology.


The Challenge

In order to reduce machine downtime costs for Trumpf's customers, spare parts needed to be identified and replaced as quickly as possible. Customers were spending a lot of time identifying spare parts. Only experienced technicians could identify parts such as suction cups and filters correctly since they come in many different, but similar, variants. The result was often wrong parts were being used, which resulted in Trumpf machines not performing as they should.

“TRUMPF Venture is looking forward to teaming up with nyris. They offer the best image recognition solution for industrial applications in the market. That is also the reason why TRUMPF is a client of nyris. Our customers can use their visual search engine through our service platform to easily identify and order spare parts. We intend to support nyris in further developing their industrial product and expanding their business within this sector.”

Ulrich Kruse

Investment Manager at TRUMPF Venture

The Solution

Using nyris, Trumpf now has a whole new experience in Aftersales. Even the most visually similar parts can be identified within seconds without any expertise using a visual search engine. It has not only significantly reduced costly machine downtime, but also freed up the time of maintenance technicians and machine operators. Based on the strong user feedback, the service will soon be rolled out worldwide.

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