No Code
The setup requires no technical knowledge or programming skills.
Text Search
Instant results and autocomplete options will appear for every letter you type.
Visual Search
With our visual search engine, you can easily locate spare parts by using a photo.
Similar Visual Search
With a single click, search for visually similar items
Direct Enquiry
Give your users the option to make a direct enquiry about your products.
Multi-Object Search
You can crop the image manually by adjusting the bounding box or use our automated object detection network to make multi object search easier.
Share Results
Easily share your results with colleagues and clients via email or social media
Combined Searches
You can narrow your search results using visual and text searches together
Mobile ready
Works on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets

Spare Parts Search Suite

: Custom Search Engine

If you want more profits from your spare parts and components, then we can get you there. Our tailor-made search engines will satisfy your customer needs.

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By offering a great search experience, you can increase customer loyalty

Inspire repeat purchases by providing superior after sales services

Searching for spare parts is too often a very frustrating experience. It regularly cascades through many departments and can take days to find the correct product finally. It usually depends on a single senior technician to tell you the proper ID you have to search for.

With the nyris search suite, your customers and employees can instantly find spare parts by sharing a photo of it, typing a keyword or scanning a barcode. They can easily find similar products and even send messages directly for product enquiries. Additionally, you can save all search requests and use those to improve the search algorithm for future generations.

Construction worker holding a tablet


Reduce machine downtime

By providing an instant self-service search, you empower your customers to significantly reduce the downtime for machines.

Turn your frustrated customers into brand advocates

Search is the most critical contributor to an excellent B2B customer experience. Turn frustrated customers into brand promoters today.

Decrease unnecessary customer service queries

Stop putting customers on hold or transferring them to ineffective customer service representatives.


No Code
The setup requires no technical knowledge or programming skills.

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