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Use images, keywords, codes or 3D CAD files to find what you are looking for

Instantly get accurate results for thousands or millions of items

Available as ready to use standalone application or API for developers

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The Hidden Costs of a Bad Search Experience

Frustrated Customers

Without a fast and accurate search function, your customers will struggle to find what they are looking for on your website or app. This leads to bad customer experience, frustration, and significant loss of business.

Disengaged employees

When employees struggle to find the information they need quickly and easily, it leads to disengagement and a decrease in productivity. Poor search wastes time and often results in costly errors, as employees may resort to using outdated or incorrect information.

Slow growth

The growing complexity of product catalogs makes it hard for multi-national employees or service technicians to efficiently identify items without proper search tools and skills. Skill shortages only exacerbate this issue, and businesses that don't adopt the latest AI search technology will struggle to keep up with the competition.


“An outstanding aftersales customer experience”
Claudio Caccialupi
Digital Platform Manager
“High accuracy for DIY products”
Andreas Wüst
Head of Customer Technology
“Integration was done in a day”
Jonathan Jansen
Digital Transformation Manager
“Integration in 50 countries in less than 2 weeks”
Stefan Sundkvist
Programme Manager at IKEA Group
Synthetic Data

Synthetic Data

Give your IT a break

Leverage the full potential of your CAD data with our advanced synthetic data pipeline, enabling you to create your custom fast and accurate visual search engine.

Create visual content 99% faster and 90% cheaper than traditional photography.
Get consistent and high-quality images for your search or marketing needs.
We process vast amounts of 3D data quickly, making it ideal for large-scale projects.
Synthetic Data
Spare Parts Search Suite

Spare Parts Search Suite

Give your IT a break

Maximize efficiency and minimize IT burdens with our No-Code Search Suite, enabling effortless spare parts search for your workforce and customers.

The setup requires no technical knowledge or programming skills.
Use images, keywords, codes or 3D CAD files to find your spare parts and components.
Boost search experience with filters, BoM search, OCR, and many more features.
Spare Parts Search Suite
Visual Search APIs

Visual Search APIs

Give your IT a break

Enhance your digital products with a custom visual search engine using our developer-friendly APIs for seamless integration into your website, app, or any other application.

Boost your visual search capabilities and accuracy with our versatile APIs.
Integrate effortless with our Android, iOS or JavaScript SDKs.
Keep your products in sync using our data management API or file importer.
Visual Search APIs

Revolutionize Spare Part Identification with nyris

Accelerate aftermarket sales and MRO efficiency with nyris' custom visual search engine for spare parts and components.

In today's fast-paced manufacturing industry, identifying and retrieving spare parts quickly and efficiently is essential for success. However, finding and retaining skilled service personnel to perform this task is becoming increasingly challenging and impacting growth. That's where nyris comes in. Our advanced visual search engine is the most accurate tool available, outperforming even the largest competitors in the market. We empower anyone in your company to become a spare part expert instantly with our easy-to-use visual search solution. Simply take or share an image of any spare part, and our search engine will scan your products to identify the exact match in milliseconds.

With nyris, you can streamline spare part identification and increase aftermarket sales and MRO efficiency. Our custom search engine helps you find the right part quickly, saving you time and money. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual searching and the dependence on skilled service personnel. Let nyris give you the power of sight and revolutionize your spare part identification process.

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