The WAGO Group is an international, standard-setting supplier of electrical interconnection, automation and electronic products and solutions. Is the world market leader in spring pressure connection technology. Whether in industrial, railway, or energy technologies, WAGO products and solutions provide safety and efficiency.

Close-up of a hand attaching Wago terminal blocks

What was the problem?

Marking with serial numbers or QR codes is only possible for a fraction of products but WAGO intends to offer a search for all of its 30,000 products.

Close-up of Wago terminal blocks
Jonathan Jansen
“Visual search is a very powerful addition to the text based search. nyris offers a simple way for us to implement visual search with little effort. The first integration was done within a day and required only a few lines of code.”

Jonathan Jansen

Digital Transformation Manager at WAGO

How did we solve it?

WAGO is currently implementing the nyris API to enable customers to identify and order spare parts in a convenient and accurate way.

Close-up of Wago terminal blocks
Changes on the contact form symbol won't take effect on every contact form. Due to customization the contact forms on "Products" and on the "Contact" page itself are no symbols.

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