The Hornbach Baumarkt Group currently operates 161 DIY megastores with garden centres in nine European countries, of which 96 stores are located in Germany.

Photo of a HORNBACH store.

What's the problem?

Hornbach offers over 250,000 products to its customers and frequently updates its catalog by adding new products and removing old ones. To improve their customers' search experience, Hornbach has been searching for a visual search solution to integrate into their mobile app. They require a solution that is not only fast and accurate for DIY products but also capable of handling the frequent changes in their product catalog.

Inside of a HORNBACH store. Three people talking in a halway.
Andreas Wüst, Head of Customer Technology portrait
“In comparison with solutions known to us nyris API's accuracy is higher than that of other visual search engines available on the market we have found for home improvement and do-it-yourself products"

Andreas Wüst

Head of Customer Technology

How did we solve it?

Ever since integrating the nyris visual search API in 2018, Hornbach has remained a loyal customer. The nyris API powers the visual search functionality for Hornbach's apps in multiple countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Hornbach's product catalogs for all of these countries, containing more than a million items, are automatically synced on a daily basis since 2018, without any interruptions or additional IT resource requirements.

Screens of HORNBACH solution app.

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