Bühler is a Swiss plant equipment manufacturer specialising in machinery for food processing and advanced materials manufacturing. Bühler has 33 manufacturing sites worldwide and operates in more than 140 countries.

Buehler employee holding a tablet

What was the problem?

The majority of spare parts orders were being received via phone or email. In some instances customers must waited more than a day for a response. These delays caused a lot of inefficiency and unnecessary cost on both sides.

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Claudio Caccialupi
“The nyris API has helped Bühler provide an outstanding after sales customer experience.”

Claudio Caccialupi

Digital Platform Manager at Bühler

How did we solve it?

The nyris spare parts recognition API was successfully integrated in October 2020 and has been available to a limited group of customers since. nyris set up a visual search index based on pure synthetic data because Bühler did not have pictures of all spare parts. Synthetic data indexing allowed Bühler to index their entire spare parts portfolio quickly and cost effectively. The nyris API has helped Bühler provide an outstanding after sales customers experience.

Buehler embloyee in front of a machine
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