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Leverage the full potential of your CAD data with our advanced synthetic data pipeline, enabling you to create your custom fast and accurate visual search engine.

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Harness the power of your CAD data

Synthetic data will be a game-changer for MRO operations. With traditional visual search solutions, businesses face a significant challenge when it comes to acquiring the data needed for high-accuracy visual identification of parts, especially for older machines or machines that have already been sold but will still run for decades.

EU Data Security Standards

At nyris, we take the security of your data seriously. That's why we've made significant investments in security measures with the support of the European Innovation Council, ensuring your data is always safe and secure with us.

Improved visual AI models

Your synthetic data can be a powerful asset not only for the your company, but also for the improvement of your Visual Search project. Your synthetic data can also be used to complement models and enhance visual search precision. For example, we can simulate: wear and tear, dirt or bad lightning: which can significantly improve our search accuracy.


“An outstanding aftersales customer experience”
Claudio Caccialupi
Digital Platform Manager
“High accuracy for DIY products”
Andreas Wüst
Head of Customer Technology
“Integration was done in a day”
Jonathan Jansen
Digital Transformation Manager
“Integration in 50 countries in less than 2 weeks”
Stefan Sundkvist
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Revolutionizing Visual Search with Synthetic Data: The nyris story

How we are pioneering the use of synthetic data in visual search

At nyris, we believe in the power of synthetic data for visual search. From the early days of our company, we recognized the potential of this technology, even when our competitors were very skeptical. We knew that synthetic data could allow us to train and improve our visual search algorithms faster and more efficient than any traditional method.

Our belief in synthetic data has been validated by our experience working with various customers. We have seen firsthand how synthetic data can provide significant advantages in terms of search accuracy, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to generate diverse and complex datasets.

One of our key strengths is our ability to process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. This allows us to generate high-quality synthetic datasets that accurately reflect the real world, and that can be used to train and improve our visual search algorithms.

But we don't stop there. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible. For example, we are implemeting cutting-edge techniques such as conditional diffusion models to generate and enhance synthetic data for visual search into our pipeline. This allows us to create highly realistic and varied datasets that can help us solve even more complex and challenging problems.

At nyris, we are proud to be pioneers in the use of synthetic data for visual search. We are committed to staying at the forefront of this technology, and to using it to deliver better search results for our customers.

Photo-realistic 360° renders of some tool

Main Features

General feature
Synthetic Data for Visual Search

Synthetic Data for Visual Search

Generate synthetic images for visual search and seamlessly integrate them into your nyris search index.
General feature
Images free from bias and human error

Images free from bias and human error

Synthetic images are generated using computer algorithms, which ensures that they are consistent, accurate, and free from any human subjectivity.
General feature
Support for mulitple file formats

Support for mulitple file formats

We support multiple file formats, such as STEP, CREO, JT and more. For security reasons, we recommend exchanging simplified CAD formats that only include the model's exterior geometry. These simplified formats are fully sufficient for visual search or product presentation purposes.
General feature
The fastest 'photoshoot' for your Spare Parts

The fastest 'photoshoot' for your Spare Parts

Generate high volumes of synthetic images for all your parts in just a few days, with seamless scalability and efficiency.
General feature
Images and 3D models for commerce

Images and 3D models for commerce

Use synthetic images to showcase your products from all angles or utilize the generated GLB models to embed an interactive 3D view of your products in your commerce solution.

Get ready for visual search


Our solution engineers will guide you through the data requirements for visual search, helping you to collect, generate or structure your visual data.


Our industry experts will help you assess the impact visual search will have on your business based on your domain and use case.


Embrace the future of search and elevate the user experience for your customer and employees with our powerful visual search solution.

Unlock the transformative potential of visual search for your business today!

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