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Synthetic Data

: Custom Search Engine

Create photo-realistic 360° renders of your spare parts for search engines, documentation, and internal tools using your CAD models.

Photo-realistic 360° renders of some tools

Digital Product Twins

Create exact replicas of spare parts and components without taking a single picture.

There are many businesses lacking the spare part imagery needed to build a visual search engine. For a company that has thousands of spare parts in their stock, the cost and time required to take actual photographs are prohibitive.

With nyris' Synthetic Data Pipeline, you can get realistic images at scale at a fraction of the cost of real photography, with seamless integration with nyris's visual search engine.

Photo-realistic 360° renders of some tool


360° photo-realistic images at scale

Images that are generated with our synthetic data pipeline are consistent and of high quality.

Fast and cost effective solution

Create images for your B2B commerce solution or marketing publications 99% faster and 90% cheaper than real photography.

Improved visual search AI models

Synthetic data is used to simulate e.g. wear and tear, dirt or bad lightning. This significantly improves our vision AI models.


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