With more than 1.500.000 products, the B2B procurement platform offers a broad variety of industrial durable and consumer goods for professional users in the fields of construction, industry and the craft sector.

profishop nyris visual search

What's the problem?

With over 1.5 million items on their website, PROFISHOP needed a visual product identification solution that would be fast and accurate while maintaining an affordable price point.

Man in a warehouse with a mobile device.
Arasch Jalali, CEO at profishop portrait
"nyris provides users with a different and complementary way of finding products compared to textual search. Visual Search works well and benefits users."

Arasch Jalali


How did we solve it?

By integrating the nyris visual search API into in November 2021, the B2B procurement platform increased its reputation in the construction, industrial and craft sectors.

Profishop website interface with visual search window open.

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