How to find spare parts in less than a second with visual search!

Spare parts recognition explained.

Maintenance teams and machine owners are always looking for spare parts. Yet, when replacement parts are difficult to describe, it can lead to frustration when trying to reorder them.

Sometimes, searching for the replacement part can take hours, so customers call the customer service desk for help. This could be for many reasons. Not having the manufacturer part number is one. The identification code becoming indistinguishable is another. Lastly, the part may look like too many other parts.

However, help desk managers also struggle to identify parts over the phone. So often, a photo is sent via email. As a result, customers become even more frustrated because of machine downtime, delayed orders, and a waste of human resources.

But how does nyris actually improve the repurchasing experience?

It reduces machine downtime.  

By using visual search in manufacturing, the time where machines are not working is significantly reduced. This means that production can resume at much faster rates. In turn, stress levels are reduced, and efficiency of employees can be maintained.  

It increases customer satisfaction with an easy (re-) ordering process.  

Through visual search, customers are more easily able to participate in after-sales purchases. Customers are directed to the exact product they want after taking a photo of the parts they want. This makes it easier to re-order the part. Therefore, customers are more willing to re-order immediately.  

It decreases unnecessary customer service queries.  

Customers call customer service departments to ask which pieces they need. They also call to ask about how to solve their problems. Using nyris, customers can solve their problems with the snap of a photo alone!

Using nyris, you can find exactly what you need through the quick snap of a photo, and the search time wasted in trying to find machine parts is cut down to almost nothing.

Please note: nyris is not an application. It is simply a tool that can be integrated into your existing websites, apps, or other portals.

nyris is a visual search platform that delivers outstanding precision, speed, and scalability for spare parts recognition.  

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How to find spare parts in less than a second with visual search!
Marketing Intern
Charlotte Newman
Charlotte is currently a MScBA Business Analytics and Management student at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam whilst working in the marketing team at nyris.

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