Tagging your Products on User Generated Content with Visual AI

Have you ever thought about using the content generated by your customers to promote your products? Meet Flowbox, a long standing nyris customer and a giant in the social media eCommerce space that can help you revolutionize your online brand development. Flowbox uses nyris tech to process large amounts of user-generated content (UGC) to create engaging marketing experiences. 

Imagine you bought a new handbag, took a picture of it, and posted it on Instagram. Your content is highly valuable to brands because it's authentic, and it will resonate much more with other customers who have similar profiles. That is the power of UGC.

User-generated content has no production costs.

It is living proof of happy customers!

A win-win for consumer brands.

Product found in image and tagged in Flowbox widget.

Users want tags!

Buying online is an interactive experience, therefore, consumers expect content to be interactive as well. They want to click on the photo of the product they're looking at and find the product page to buy it. However, a lot of UGC is generated nowadays, and tagging all of those pictures manually would be impossible.

With Flowbox and nyris, brands are able to work efficiently with advanced AI tools that help to prioritize UGC and link it to products through a Visual Search engine. Companies can optimize workflows with bulk requests for media rights and automatically order social photos and videos by performance in their eCommerce.

K-Swiss' clothing tagged in Flowbox UGC with Visual AI product identification.

And that’s where nyris comes in!

Our object detection and similarity search technologies scan the user-generated content, finding and tagging indexed products in the photos. This system allows Flowbox to leverage AI to find products in large amounts of UGC much more efficiently.

“Flowbox is a visual commerce platform that collects photos and videos of customers using your products from social networks. It provides the tools to curate, analyze, and integrate collected UGC into your online store to make it 'shoppable,'” says Eulogi Bordas, Flowbox CEO. Eulogi co-founded Photoslurp in 2015, which has merged with Flowbox in 2022. He has been working with nyris since 2019.

“Our platform drives conversion rates by turning customer photos into social proof when integrating this content into the eCommerce shopping experience.”

Through the merger of the Spanish and Swedish companies, Flowbox has become the leading European player in its field while expanding into South America. Flowbox has 850 customers in 40 countries, and now is located in Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Barcelona.

"nyris Visual Search engine has become one of the flagship features at Flowbox. We are impressed by how well it works for our customers, enabling them to identify their products in their brand-attributed UGC images quickly. The technology is very capable in all industries, from fashion & accessories, sporting goods, electronics, and even furniture. Nyris is a huge time saver and a no-brainer technology!"

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Tagging your Products on User Generated Content with Visual AI
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Leonardo Palma Batista
Leonardo Batista is currently a Tech Evangelist at nyris, with extensive experience in AI sales, consultancy and law, Leo is on a mission to expand Visual AI awareness across industries.

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