Flowbox is an award-winning SaaS company that offers a visual marketing platform that helps brands leverage and distribute social content throughout the buyer journey to increase engagement, social proof, and sales. Flowbox's heart lies in how technology can help brands generate, gather and distribute user-generated content for a more effective, higher converting, and transparent version of marketing for e-commerce. Via their platform, customers are able to collect, moderate and publish content to their website, online shop, ads, newsletters, and social channels. Check out Flowbox here:


The Challenge

Using UGC requires businesses to process large amounts of image data. Products need to be annotated for a better user experience, but doing that work manually is almost impossible.

UCG - User Generated Content
Eulogi Bordas Casas, CEO
"Nyris Visual Search engine has become one of the flagship features at Flowbox. We are impressed by how well it works for our customers, enabling them to quickly identify their products into their brand-attributed UGC images. The technology is very capable in all sort of industries, from fashion & accessories, sporting goods, electronics or even furniture. Nyris is a huge time saver and a no-brainer technology"

Eulogi Bordas Casas, CEO

How did we solve it?

Flowbox is powered by nyris Visual AI which automates the processing of UGC image data. nyris allows Flowbox customers to link UGC to products through a Visual Search engine, so customers are able to optimize workflows with bulk requests.

nyris Visual Search

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