Handshakes are back! InnoTrans ‘22 Review

Last week, InnoTrans returned to Berlin for the first time in four years. Unfortunately, the world’s largest trade fair focused on the rail transport industry was canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but this year it was back in full throttle.

Over 140, 000 visitors from 131 countries came together, eager to return to in-person events and meetings after the last two years of pandemic restrictions. The attendants got to visit over 2,800 exhibitors from 56 different countries, and above all, they got to see the newest innovations in train and rail technology up close.

On our mission to spread awareness about visual AI, nyris made sure to be present to support its customers, as well as to meet the world’s leading companies in rail technology.

Held at the legendary ICC Messe Berlin and lasting about a week, InnoTrans was host to one of our amazing customers Wago, for example. Even amongst many other amazing stands, Wago stood out as one of the leading suppliers of electric connections and electronic equipment to the rail industry.

Much like Wago, most people we met at InnoTrans last week understand the value of visual AI and the power that spare parts visual search can have in maintenance and service operations. If you have ever taken a train, you know that technical problems are sometimes causing delays. Therefore, you can only imagine the opportunities that exist in the business to keep the rail infrastructure up and running.

At InnoTrans, nyris spoke with many companies, from large car builders to software providers and potential partners, about the value of spare parts visual search. The most exciting discussions surrounded the potential for return on investment and our capability to use synthetic data to power our visual AI.

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Roy Van Wynsberghe was our man on the ground, given his vast experience in the rail industry and his network of contacts amongst the most prominent players. Roy attended the fair and showed industry leaders how they can transform their maintenance workforce with visual search, optimizing service, and aftersales performance.

“Imagine transferring the knowledge of that senior inventory manager, or that asset manager, to the hands of every service technician in your company, every engineer…” Roy says, “With one photo, maintenance professionals can recognize any spare part, pull up the necessary information, or make a purchase request, for example. And we don’t even need pictures of these parts to create this experience. The parts' synthetic data (CAD files - designs) will do the trick!”

Check out our Synthetic Data solution here:

InnoTrans was a refreshing experience after the long years of the pandemic. The attendance was incredible, reminding us of the importance of meeting face to face and shaking hands. The developments surrounding electric and hydrogen trains brought hope for a sustainable future and the reception of our technology showed that Visual AI and Spare Parts Visual Search are coming into the rail industry, to help our trains arrive on time!

Find what you are looking for with nyris Spare Parts Visual Search.

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Handshakes are back!  InnoTrans ‘22 Review
Tech Evangelist
Leonardo Palma Batista
Leonardo Batista is currently a Tech Evangelist at nyris, with extensive experience in AI sales, consultancy and law, Leo is on a mission to expand Visual AI awareness across industries.

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