IFA Berlin Review

nyris and its partner WeHub were recently at one of the largest consumer electronics and home appliances fairs in the world, the IFA in Berlin. The IFA saw more than 250.000 visitors during a few days in early September, bringing major players and innovative start-ups together to showcase the future of consumer goods.

Imagine turning any personal object into a remote control. Setting your favorite coffee mug on the table will open your shades in the morning. Or if you arrive home from work, setting your keys on the table might turn all the lights on. WeHub transforms your dining table into an interactive smartboard where you can display many family-oriented applications. 

The tabletop totems can project visual media on the table, recognize various objects, and control external smart appliances in your home. The object recognition bit is done by nyris in a project led by Machine Learning Engineer Anshu Daur. 

By using so-called social apps, the objective of this new technology is to allow users to pick up their heads from their smartphones and strengthen the connection between users who are face to face, sitting around a table. 

This creative project was presented this week at the IFA Next, a special hall reserved for innovative projects. The Next hall was a refreshing experience at IFA, given that most other halls were dominated by the giants of the sector, who put on a great show with their dazzling stands and infrastructure but had little innovation to show. 

Inside the Next hall, amongst futuristic toothbrushes, holograms, robots, and electric mopeds, WeHub’s smart-table stood out as a fascinating new home appliance that some of us might actually buy.

IFA Next is an innovation hub bringing together not only start-ups but the world’s top innovators, research institutes, and forward-thinking businesses showcasing new tech trends that will transform everyday consumer living. 

The partnership between nyris and WeHub allows nyris to showcase its visual artificial intelligence capabilities in yet another context and, for the first time, at IFA Berlin. 

Object detection and visual search are usually used as a more efficient and precise way of finding products online. It is an excellent conversion tool for B2C and B2B eCommerce, increasing the purchasing potential for every search over three times compared to text search. 

With nyris visual search, today you can find that Ikea chair you’ve been looking for by just taking a picture of it. nyris also empowers industrial manufacturers and their customers to find the parts or components they are looking for, optimizing industrial operations with visual AI. 

The partnership with WeHub and the participation at IFA opens a new door for visual AI in the consumer product market. At IFA, we saw the future of home appliances this week, but what will be the AIs running on these exciting new gadgets? 

Empower everyone to find anything they are looking for in a second.

nyris, if you can see it, we can find it!


WeHub Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJlUPiZVN4M

The PraktikApp project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the research program on human-technology interaction "Intelligent, networked objects for everyday life."

A project of University of Siegen (Ubiquitous Design | Experience and Interaction Design) / University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf (Mixed Reality and Visualization) / Häfele SE & Co KG / spek DESIGN GbR / tennagels Medientechnik GmbH / IOX GmbH / nyris GmbH

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IFA Berlin Review
Tech Evangelist
Leonardo Palma Batista
Leonardo Batista is currently a Tech Evangelist at nyris, with extensive experience in AI sales, consultancy and law, Leo is on a mission to expand Visual AI awareness across industries.

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